Asian student in library

Classes at the PIE meet during the day, five days a week (Monday through Friday). The class schedule is similar to a university schedule. You will have time between your classes, and you might have more classes on some days and fewer classes on other days. You will also have a lot of homework and projects to work on outside of class. 

The exact time of your classes depends on your level and which classes you take in that level. The earliest your classes might start is 8:30 AM. The latest your classes might end is 5:00 PM.

There are three classes in every level at the PIE. Reading and writing skills are taught together in one class (Reading & Writing). Listening and speaking skills are taught together in one class (Listening & Speaking). Grammar is taught by itself (Structure in Use). All of the language skills are blended by the teachers and the textbooks. The focus is on communicating successfully in speaking and writing as well as understanding spoken and written English.

If you are looking for English classes that meet in the evenings or on the weekends, please check out this website to search for free or low-cost community English classes in Indianapolis.