Living Expenses

Living expenses in Indianapolis vary a lot depending on where you live, whether or not you drive to campus and park, and where you eat your meals.

PIE students are NOT required to live on campus. PIE students are NOT required to pay for a dormitory.

PIE students can request to live on campus in a campus apartment or dormitory. Many PIE students live with a relative or friend, in an apartment, or with a homestay (American family).

Everyone must pay to park on the IUPUI campus. Even teachers must pay. A student parking permit to park on campus costs $34.50 per calendar month, or $172.50 for one university semester (August-December or January-May).

Students need to purchase a textbook for each class. Textbooks cost between $10.00 and $40.00 dollars, depending on the Level and the class. 

F-1 students must show financial resources for tuition and living expenses in order to get an I-20 or transfer their I-20 to PIE. The U.S. government and Indiana University decide on a number that equals tuition plus living expenses in Indianapolis. For PIE, this number is $5,846 for each session you want to study. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY this amount. You only have to show this amount to get an I-20. You have to show this amount even if you will live with a relative and not have to pay any money for housing.